Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Right now, I am MOST anxiously awaiting receipt of

my blucigs
150x250 banner

They're re-engineering the 'carry pack' - which has resulted in a 4-6 week delay in filling new orders; my husband has been using his Vapor King 510 for several weeks now - during an 8 hour shift, he's "smoking" only 10 Marlboro Light 100s - the rest of the time, he utilizes his Vapor King - while running equipment, in offices, etc. I'm a menthol smoker, yet I could easily start using his Vapor King - it's mild, "soft" because there's no combustion, and gives a VERY satisfying nicotine 'hit'. Also, with traditional cigarettes approaching or exceeding $7.00/pack in the Houston area, it makes economic sense.


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