Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We ALL know by now .................................................

that "smoking" is BAD for you - however, I'm guilty of enjoying "smoking"; the relaxation and calmative effect of nicotine can't be denied.

Nicotine has it's issues; but "smoking" {applying fire/heat to a cigar/cigarette/pipe} starts a combustion process that releases, in addition to nicotine and 'tar', something on the order of 3,000 chemicals, many of which are cancer-causing; poisonous; radioactive - WHO NEEDS all that stuff in their body? Additionally, "smoking" taints one's environment - hair, skin, clothes, furniture, draperies, carpeting - and causes health issues for those one lives/works with. It lowers the value of one's vehicle on trade-in. And, let's face it, non-smokers {whether they never smoked, or quit smoking} can be true irritants when complaining about smokers {to the point that 'lighting up' is necessary to calm down}.

We live in a remarkable time - because WE have the opportunity to ingest nicotine, in a {to smokers} VERY satisfying manner, that allows use in areas that are currently off-limits. And THAT is the purpose of this website.

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